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Cute Repartees from Our Children

Jeanne Ahern

Jeanne Ahern

“Saint Doll… Saint Rabbit!”

Recently, I was saying the night prayer with my daughter, Jeanne, who is two years old. At the end of the prayer, I always enumerate our holy patrons, and everyone replies, “pray for us”. So, after I had ended the list, my daughter spontaneously added: “Saint doll..., saint rabbit!” (Her doll and her rabbit are her two favorite toys.) I had a good laugh over that.

Marie-France Therrien

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Emily, 3 years old

Emily, 3 years old

The doll in Mary’s arms

The doll in Mary’s arms

“She’s my friend, so I share”

One weekend, when my great-niece, Emily, 3 years old, came to visit us, I reminded her, as she was about to go home, not to forget the doll she had received as a gift on that day from the little neighbor girl. She immediately said to me: “No, I’m leaving the doll with the ‘little girl’ upstairs... she doesn’t have a doll!”

Surprised that she would think to share it with someone else – an imaginary personage perhaps, for only my daughter and I were at home –, I asked her to show me who this “little girl” upstairs was, as I headed for the stairs. What a surprise when I got upstairs! My great-niece pointed her finger at the statue of the good Saint Anne accompanied by the little Mary, a statue that was in front of us against the wall.

The doll had been placed in the hands of the little Virgin Mary, whom my great-niece Emily described as the “little girl”. She went up to Mary, kissed her, and as she held her by the neck, she said: “Look, she’s as big as I am. She’s my friend.”

Two weeks later, Emily came to visit us again. She saw her doll in Mary’s hands and she smiled at Mary. As she was about to leave, once again I asked her if she wanted to take her doll with her. She answered: “No, I want to leave the doll with the ‘little girl’. She’s my friend, so I share.”

Two months have passed since then, and my great-niece’s doll is still in the hands of the “little girl”, her best friend, the little Mary.

What a beautiful witness of a pure child who was attracted by the little Mary and who understood, in total simplicity, the joy of sharing. And she shared with the best friend there could possibly be, our heavenly Mother.

Jeanne d’Arc Glover

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Joseph Bouffard-Riddell

Joseph Riddell

“That picture isn’t right.”

Young Joseph, the son of Marie-Ève Bouffard-Riddell, was present for a catechism course given by his mother. She spoke of the miraculous medal which is a protection for those who wear it. So, it is very, very important to wear this medal if one wants to be protected...

A short time later, Joseph was given a holy picture of Jesus, and he said to his mother: “That picture isn’t right.” – “Why? It’s a picture of Jesus,” Marie-Ève replied. And Joseph retorted: “That picture isn’t right because Jesus isn’t wearing his miraculous medal.”

Sr. Yolande Riberdy

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Rosianne and her brother Jean-Raphaël

Rosianne and her brother Jean-Raphaël

Our Lovable Children

I want to thank you with all my heart for having taken the time to read my letter and to give me good advice. For me, that letter was like a lifebuoy to which I want to cling in order to weather the spiritual storm that is raging. Once again, the good Lord is giving me a chance to get through it. My lifetime will not be long enough to thank Him for all the graces received. I hope to be able to give in return for all I receive.

I would like to share with you something very beautiful that my little Rosianne confided to me. She said to me one day, “Mama, I have a secret. With Marie-Paule, I want to stop souls from going to hell by making many sacrifices. I will hold her hand and become big so that there will be less room to pass. But that is my secret.” It came from her heart.

She also taught me a lesson once, that really touched me. She said to me as she saw that I was sad, “Do you know, Mama, what is even sadder? The fact there are souls that are being lost.” That sentence often comes back to my mind and I think it is a good reason to accept all the sufferings in our life...

Myriam Lévêque

Reply from Sister Micheline:

Dear Myriam,

Mother Paul-Marie desired that a reply be sent to you after what you wrote her last night. What sweetness and what gratitude in those few lines!

Although you are on the cross, you have, in your children, a tremendous consolation. It is often said that children are gifts from God... Well, the proof of that is found in Rosianne’s reflections, as she makes quite surprising deductions for a little girl of 5. If she already knows the value of a soul, that is because she has received a proper formation, and that is all to your credit. Often, we do not have the impression that the children are growing up and yet sometimes their wisdom surpasses that of adults. Why? Because they are simple and do not let themselves be bothered by what others around them may think. Rosianne has that profoundness that reminds us of the little Jacinta of Fatima who, from the height of her 7 years, said: “Ah! If only we knew the value of eternity!”

Sister Micheline

A note from Myriam, the mother:

What joy to be able to bring you consolation through our children! However, we cannot attribute any merit to ourselves... We owe the ideal we have to your life of love! And I also think of my mother who, when I was little, encouraged me to make sacrifices for souls, and that marked me. It is wonderful to see that it all carries on in the life of our children, and is deepened even further. God is good! It will be so marvelous in the Kingdom!


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Julien Simpson

Julien Simpson

“You’re so lucky... you can save souls today!”

One day in May, my mom woke up early with a migraine headache, but she still had to get ready to go to work. Having left with my grandmother, she only made it to the end of town before her headache, accompanied by severe nausea, worsened, so she had to return home.

Meanwhile, I was sitting at the table eating my breakfast when I saw my mom, in pain, coming into the house and calling the office to let them know she would not be coming in that day.

Empathizing with her condition, I said to her: “Poor mom, are you sick?”

She replied: “Yes, I must go to bed in order to regain my strength.”

And so Julien answered: “You’re so lucky…you can save souls today!”

Mom said: “You too, Julien, can save souls all day at school!”

Julien concluded, a little disappointed: “Oh no, mom, I can’t…because I’m not sick in bed!”

Julien Simpson (9 years)
and his mother, Angèle Vermette-Simpson of Manitoba.

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Jacob Roy

Jacob Roy

Above the Clouds

The other day, while I was with my grandson, Jacob, 6 years old, I was talking to him about Heaven. I told him that God was above the clouds and that when we will be with Him, we will always be happy On-High.

Suddenly, he said to me: “I don’t want to go to Heaven.”

Surprised, I asked him why. He replied: “I am too heavy and I will pass through the clouds, falling below.”

So then I explained to him that, at that point, he would have a body that was light and intended for Heaven. That reassured him, as it did me.

Huguette Carrier, March 12, 2006

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Pierre-Marie Poulain

Pierre-Marie Poulain

“I Didn’t Know Your Mother Was 70 Years Old!”

A day of prayer was organized in France on the occasion of the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes which, for a number of years now and after the initiative of Pope John Paul II, has been dedicated to the sick. Thérèse Foligné, National Mother of the Family of the Sons and Daughters of Mary, told us of this naive comment.

“After the ceremony, many people came to give me their appreciation of it. All those who have called me since then mention a peace that persists as they remember the beautiful readings on the Immaculate and Lourdes. Even the children were attentive to the unfolding of the ceremony.

“Here is an example of this. Pierre-Marie Poulain (7 years old), Isabelle and Dominique’s son, was still listening after two long hours, sitting up very straight like a statue in the sanctuary, as Father Xavier Larribe explained the conditions under which one could receive the sacrament of the sick. Among other things, he said that those who were 70 or older could receive it.

“In the gathering, one of Pierre-Marie’s aunts, a mother in her forties but with a frail health, took advantage of the sacrament of the sick. That evening, Pierre-Marie said mischievously to his cousin, Louise-Marie (10 years old): “I didn’t know that your mother was 70 years old!”

“We think the children are not paying much attention, but then we see that they are thinking and drawing conclusions.”

Thérèse Foligné

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André-Marie Lefebvre

André-Marie Lefebvre

“She’s Got a Lot of Life...”

Dear Mother Marie-Paule,

This evening, after having read a chapter of Life of Love to my son André-Marie, he noticed that the second volume was much thicker than the first one we are reading.

The fourteen other volumes of Life of Love are on a bookshelf at the foot of his bed. I have already told him quite simply that the books of Life of Love are Marie-Paule’s life.

André-Marie looked at the fourteen volumes and he said to me, astonished: “She’s got a lot of life, that one!”

I want to thank you for “all that Life” which you lived for all of us, for souls.

Marie-France Lefebvre

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Loulou, 22 mois

Loulou, 22 months

Alleluia! “Ayouya!...” Sings the Child


I am pleased to write to you again today to tell you a little story that took place recently when I went to visit my children living in the southern part of France. I also do it after having read the children’s repartee published on the web site of the Community of the Lady of All Peoples.

This is about my grandson, Louis, now 22 months old. His parents do not go to Mass, which means that this child knows absolutely nothing about Jesus and Mary.

On Sunday, January 26, 2006, I told my children that I was going to Mass in town, suggesting at the same time that I bring “Loulou” with me. No problem. So, I took the stroller and we were on our way to church situated a few minutes’ walk from the house. As I walked into the church, I immediately decided to sit in the first row, remembering these few words repeated often by Louis: “Grandpa, I do myself.” In the first row, I thought to myself, he will see everything, hear everything; he will have enough to occupy his eyes and his ears. However would he stay still in the stroller, or, at Communion time, when I would take him in my arms? Yes, in fact, Louis was very good. Furthermore, he did not fall asleep.

Thus, after Mass, I went to the back of the church where there was a beautiful big statue of Mary set against tiles. There, together, we put our hands on Mary’s hands. I said an Ave Maria and then we left.

We were back at the house at around noon. Loulou was sitting at the table. He was eating quietly when, to everyone’s surprise, he began singing: “Ayouya, Yiyoa, Ayouya.” He was singing the Alleluia with all his heart. He wasn’t laughing. More than that, his little arms were slightly raised like those of the director whom he had observed during Mass.

No one thought of telling him to be quiet. Besides, he stopped on his own a couple minutes later to quietly take his dessert. This little story shows how receptive little children are to all things and that, in spite of the absence of religious education on the part of the parents, the grandparents must nevertheless make small gestures which will mean a lot later.*

I will stop here for now, continuing to write as soon as possible. Through you, I thank God the Father for all the graces received.

Gérard Delion

* For my part, I always remember the few holy pictures my grandmother used to show me when I was a child. She was the only one who would make such a gesture. Today, I feel that this memory as an affectionate “presence” on her part. I would like to thank her very much for that.

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Maximilien, servant de messe à Spiri-Maria

Maximilien Neault (4 years old), serving mass at Spiri-Maria

Mass Shoes...

One Sunday, we had gone to visit my husband’s [Gilles Neault] brother in Victoriaville. One of their neighbors has a little boy, 6 years old. The boys played together a good part of the day. At one point, the young boy said to Maximilian: “You’ve got girls’ shoes.” He replied: “Of course not, they’re my Mass shoes.” The little boy said to him: “I don’t know what that is!”

Maximilien Neault, by Diane Neault

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Phillip Lewitski

Phillip Lewitski

Visiting Paradise?...

My son Phillip (8 years old), who often hears us talk of Life of Love, told me the other day that he wanted to follow your example and ask, in his turn, to suffer in order to save lots of souls. He wanted to know, in particular, if he would then be able to visit the terrestrial Paradise.

Phillip Lewitski, by Carole Forest

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Nativity at Spiri-Maria

Nativity at Spiri-Maria

Émilie Giguère

Émilie Giguère

Where is Saint Joseph?...

At the evening Mass a few days ago, Emilie (7 years old) asked me why Saint Joseph wasn’t with the Virgin and the Child.

To cut the conversation short, since she always has something to say during the rosary and Mass, I told her that I didn’t know. She replied: “I think I know; it’s because God the Father is His real father.”

She often makes me laugh with her cute repartee.

Chantal Poulin, December 2005

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