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A Massive Heart Attack

Here is the testimonial of a cure which the family of Mr. Eugene Chouinard of Saint Malo in Manitoba wishes to share with everyone.

Last October 11, Eugene Chouinard suffered a massive heart attack. The ambulance came and took him to the hospital in Steinback where the doctor told him that he had had a massive heart attack and that his heart was damaged. He transferred him to the Saint Boniface Hospital where he underwent an angioplasty during which they inserted two stints where there were blockages. Then he was sent back to the hospital in Steinback, from which he was discharged on the same day. However, before leaving, Eugene saw the doctor once again. This latter asked that he take an x-ray and he reiterated that he had suffered a massive heart attack and that his heart had been damaged. Consequently, the doctor said he wanted to see Eugene again in one or two weeks.

At this next appointment, the doctor had him take another x-ray as well as an electro-cardiogram and some blood tests. When Eugene went back to see him to get the results of those tests, the doctor was baffled, could not understand what was going on, for his heart was normal. He recommended that Eugene not work for six weeks and that he come back to see him only in three months.

It should be said that when Eugene had his heart attack, he lay on the chesterfield in the living room while waiting for the ambulance. On the living room wall there is a picture of Marie-Paule which is always hanging in the same place. However, as Eugene was being put on the stretcher and taken out of the house, the picture was no longer in the same position and Marie-Paule was looking straight at Eugene. It is possible that one of the ambulance personnel caught it as they worked on Eugene, but whatever the case may be, the picture was now placed in such a way that Marie-Paule was looking straight at him. However, besides that, when Eugene came back from the hospital, he took Marie-Paule’s picture and rubbed it all over his heart. So, even if the doctor did not understand how it happened that his heart was now normal, Eugene understood it well and is very grateful for this. That is why he wanted to share with us what had happened to him. Eugene says that he feels fine and has no pain whatsoever.

Then, he added that this was the second time he had received such a grace. It must be said that Eugene is not the type of person to go running to the doctor’s, and that is why when the ambulance personnel asked him who his doctor was, he replied that he did not have one. About four years ago, he had a lot of pain in the lower part of the abdomen; six months later the pain was still there and getting worse. So he had taken Marie-Paule’s picture and passed it over the area in which there was pain, and the pain disappeared. He has never had any pain there since. Since he did not go to see a doctor at that time, he does not know what caused the pain, but according to some of the people to whom he mentioned this, it was probably the prostrate.

Sister Rosalie Carrière
on behalf of the Eugene Chouinard family