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The Father’s Goodness Passes Through Our Mother

Almost three years ago, during a retreat my husband and I made at Spiri-Maria, we had an opportunity to attend Mass at the Residence of the Lady, just as we had been able to assist at Mass on several occasions during previous retreats. After Mass, Mother Paul-Marie greeted all of us, each in turn. When it was our turn, I told Marie-Paule that we would soon be grandparents.

I am still surprised at having told her this because I am well aware that there are other much more important concerns than the fact of our becoming grandparents, and I am not in the habit of mentioning such details. Besides, we were generally content with simply thanking her, for, on my part, I do not know where I would be if it had not been for the Army of Mary. I had given up all religious practice for several years, wondering where I would find again places of worship like those of my childhood, and I felt very much alone.

Marie-Paule, holding my hand, said to me: “Don’t worry, everything will be fine with the baby.” In my mind, I was thinking in the plural, so I said: “We are going to be grandparents twice,” (our daughter and our son’s girlfriend were both pregnant). So, she said to me, as if I had not understood correctly: “Don’t worry, everything will be fine with the babies.” Having left the Residence of the Lady, surprised, I said to my husband: “She told me that everything would be fine with the babies,” and we immediately forgot about this, not understanding why it had been said and thinking that Marie-Paule had simply wanted to be kind.

We returned to our daily routine, and our daughter called us regularly to give us news of her pregnancy and to renew her courage. There was all kinds of bad news concerning the child she was bearing. During an ultrasound, they detected fluid on the brain, but nothing serious..., it would go away. On another ultrasound, there was a malformation of the heart, but the fluid along the spinal column seemed to have disappeared. So it was decided that our daughter should be followed by specialists and she was sent to the hospital.

Equipped with sophisticated machines, other ultrasounds were taken. The umbilical cord was reversed, and in such circumstances, the babies are generally handicapped intellectually or there is a malformation. Yet, as far as we were concerned, we were not worried, even if we did not remember Marie-Paule’s words, and we constantly encouraged our daughter, telling her not to worry or panic because on the ultrasounds, they saw and then did not see many things, so everything should be fine.

The delivery took place in the presence of specialists and the child was immediately taken from its mother to be examined. Everything seemed fine, so the child was returned to its mother who was able to keep the baby with her for a few hours, before it was taken from her again for 24 hours, in order to be able to run 2 more tests on it. The child was returned to her room, and the doctors and nurses kept coming in and out... A specialist from the children’s hospital close by came to see the little one, and raising his hands in the air, he said: “There is nothing wrong with her, she’s perfect.”

It was only a few weeks later, in mentioning to my husband the fact that we had never worried in spite of all the bad news we received, that I remembered what Marie-Paule had told us. She had really told us not to worry and that is probably why Caroline kept us informed of everything, for our calmness reassured her. Marie-Eve is now a little over two years old, she is a beautiful and intelligent child who wanted to talk at a very young age and began to walk rather late, but who is in very good health.

We are now the grandparents of four girls, all in good health, and we hope that the two youngest will soon be baptized, as their two older sisters were, in spite of the fact that Marie-Eve’s father is against this.

Thank you, God, for having preserved us from many hours of anguish and fear. The parents are not wealthy and I do not know how we would have managed, what with all the medical check-ups and the specialized care that could have been required. Thank you to Marie-Paule for being there, obedient to God, even in the small things and for the wretched little beings that we are.

Louise-Marie Charron and Jacques Morin, January 31, 2006

(To be used as a testimonial, if possible.)