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Thanks for a Cure

Dear Marie-Paule,

It is with much love and emotion that I write to you today to tell you of the grace I am presenting experiencing.

For several years now, I have been suffering from a prolapse of the rectum and incontinence. The pain, the feelings of ill-health and the discomfort were constantly increasing and this humiliated me and made me very insecure. It was suggested that I undergo surgery even if the success rate was not very promising. I had the operation as scheduled, but an intolerance to morphine provoked post-operative complications. However, I did return to my regular activities fairly rapidly.

Twelve weeks after the operation, I saw the surgeon again who seemed rather doubtful of the operation’s success, for there was still too much discomfort and too many times I was feeling unwell. So he suggested that a battery of tests be repeated with the possibility of there being another operation to remove the obstruction. I was very disappointed, so I asked him if I could have a month to think it over. He respected my decision. Once back home, I discussed the situation with my husband, and then decided to make a retreat at Spiri-Maria (a gift that was given to me by someone who wishes to remain anonymous). So I put my name down for the retreat of September 30 to October 1, 2005, being given by Father Denis Thivierge; its theme was “Trust in the Lady of All Peoples”.

I deeply appreciated this stay: the conferences, the spirituality, the meals, the atmosphere of silence and prayer, in spite of the fact that there was no letup in the unpleasant reactions (even to the point of bleeding), so much so that I was thinking of going back home.... So I went to the chapel to pray, and I chose to place my trust in the Lady of All Peoples, handing everything over to her: the pain, the worries. I succeeded in abandoning myself, asking her to give me the grace to accept her will, even if this meant a second operation, and then I returned to my room. I put your picture on me and I fell asleep in a great peace.

The next day, I continued following the retreat schedule and returned home without having had any pain or discomfort. And that is the way it has been since October 1. My entire system has started to function normally again, to my great surprise and that of all those around me.

So, I want to tell you: “Thank you, Marie-Paule, for your fiat and all you have done for the Work, the total giving of your life, your ‘life of love’.”

I thank heaven for belonging to the Army of Mary, a source of love, graces and consolation.

Thank you for everything!

Hélène Donahue
Saint-Georges, Beauce county
November 1, 2005