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“The Miracle of the Immaculate”

Since February 1994, I had been suffering from a constant buzzing or whistling in the right ear. In November 2004, my condition had deteriorated, and my left ear was also affected. The results – problems with sleeping increased and there were problems of concentration and memory. Partial deafness, fits of dizziness and a fuzziness in the head gripped me 24 hours a day. Finally, a test of my hearing, made in February of 2005 and repeated in October of 2005, revealed a slight loss of hearing.

After having exhausted all the possible resources in the course of those eleven years, I had obtained no improvement in my auditory condition. In June of 2005, I took steps to have denture implants done in my mouth, in accordance with the recommendations of Mrs. Denise Lessard of the clinic of the same name in Sainte-Marie, Beauce. The operation could possibly have an impact on the buzzing in my ears.

The operation was performed July 13, 2005. By November 24, my new denture implants had been installed. During this procedure that lasted four months, no improvement was evident with regard to the buzzing in my ears and the hearing.

On the morning of December 8, while I was still half asleep, a miracle took place in a fraction of a second. An angel came and put his finger in my right ear. Immediately, the noise in the left ear ceased and the dizziness and fuzziness in my head disappeared. Suddenly, I could hear better.

Friday, December 9, I went to the 7:30 p.m. Mass, and during the readings I closed my missalette and listened. I could hear again and I was so happy that I wept with joy. Now I call what happened to me “the miracle of the Immaculate”.

Claudette Mercier