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The Remedy in Which I Trust

I have great faith in Mother Paul-Marie’s picture. I have already benefitted from its blessings many times. Over the years, I have often placed it there where certain pains were worrying me: over my heart, on my back, on my shoulder, my knee, over my eyes... and I have always found that it has helped me. It is the remedy in which I trust and I give thanks to God for it.

Here is a surprising event that I must recount to you:

On Tuesday, August 2, 2005, my thirteen-year-old son, usually very active, got up in the morning complaining of a very severe stomach ache. He did not look very well at all, rather pale and his brow was beaded with perspiration. I feared an appendicitis attack, but I was doubtful because the pain was in the middle rather than to the side of the abdomen, as is usually the case. I called health care personnel specialized in answering health questions. Based on his symptoms, the lady answering the call gave me to understand, specifically, that it was urgent that he see a doctor within four hours. I understood, without her telling me, that she was thinking of an appendicitis attack. After several calls, we were finally able to see the resident doctor, as well as the intern who, after having examined him, sent him by plane to the emergency in Timmins for appendicitis. I explained to Philippe that he was really in danger, and before he was transported to Timmins, I once again used Marie-Paule’s picture on him.

At our arrival in Timmins, his pain had not worsened. We had to wait about a half an hour before he was examined once again by the lady surgeon who was apologetic, saying that Philippe should not have had to wait so long. However, after her examination, she remained perplexed and wanted to take further tests before going into surgery. These tests showed only a light shadow which proved that there had been something, but that surgery was not necessary. So he was given a room, and later questions were asked of him, some of which were rather “psychological”. Since he did not have too much pain when he stayed still, another doctor was rather stern with him and displeased, saying that he would be sent home the next day.

On Wednesday morning, on the other hand, Philippe had to undergo further tests. He was feeling increasingly better and was regaining his appetite. In the afternoon, they began giving him beverages. Gradually, the pain went away, and on Thursday noon the lady surgeon, very maternally, told us that she still had no idea what he had had. She said that it must have been a virus of some sort.

Given that I had asked a lady friend to come and pick us up, she finally signed his discharge form from the hospital at about 4:30 p.m. Let us give thanks to God!

Maria Gagné, Chapleau