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Dossier on Father Matthieu Wallut, O.S.B., France (1)

Sister Chantal Buyse

Towards mid-January 2006, Mother Paul-Marie “learned” that henceforth the Sons of Mary would not be the object of attacks by the adversaries, but that it would be she herself who would be directly targeted. She at once so informed a few close collaborators, explaining that the attacks would have to do with her psychological equilibrium, that she would be made out to be mentally ill, a case for the psychiatric hospital. Three weeks later, her words would once again be realized.

Since 1989, the Sons of Mary have been working in the diocese of Beauvais, Noyon and Senlis, in France, and this at the request of the bishop of that time, His Excellency Bishop Adolphe-Marie Hardy. They are today in charge of a part of the large parish named “la Plaine d’Estrées” which is made up of a number of parishes. Over the years a variety of testimonials have proven that the parishioners appreciate their presence and their services, even if, during all these years, the Sons of Mary were given “special treatment” by certain of their confreres among the diocesan priests: injustices, contempt, ill will. They have said nothing about being dealt with in this humiliating manner, in order not to create scandal.

Now, recently a parish priest of the diocese, Father Matthieu Wallut, was no longer able to contain his fury. Annoyed that one of his top parishioners (whose numerous services he valued) should be favorable to the Army of Mary, the pastor published in his parish bulletin, distributed in the neighboring eight parishes served up until 2001 by the Sons of Mary, an article treating with contempt the Army of Mary, and in a very special way, the Foundress. Then during his homily on Sunday, February 5, 2006, he brought up the article, qualifying “Marie-Paule Giguère as a heretic”, adding that “hers is a case for psychiatry”. Other lay people were aroused and there were subsequent reactions.

Our Foundress continues to influence souls through her spiritual sons who disseminate her message of love, pardon and self-abandonment. Is that not the most convincing testimony in regard to a life totally given to the service of God, the Church and souls?

Sister Chantal Buyse

* * *

In this section are to be found the parish bulletin, Le Courrier de Saint Médard, in which Father Matthieu Wallut attacks our Foundress; the intervention of François Pillot, the National Animator of the Army of Mary in France, who was the first to write in defence of Mother Paul-Marie; the thoughts of Father Pierre Mastropietro addressed to Mother Paul-Marie; a letter from Father Sylvain Guilbault, Son of Mary, who for six years was Father Wallut’s predecessor for the ministry at Salency; lastly, a short conclusion.