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Dossier on Father Matthieu Wallut, O.S.B., France (2)

Sister Chantal Buyse

Out of a concern for openness, the directors of the Work informed the members of the Army of Mary by means of their Internet web site, on March 3, 2006, of the recent events which had taken place at Salency, in the Diocese of Beauvais-Noyon-Senlis where the Sons of Mary have been actively working for more than seventeen years (1989).

Everything was published with the exception of the letter Father Eric Roy, Superior General of the Sons of Mary, addressed to the local bishop, His Exc. Bishop Jean-Paul James on February 7, as well as this latter’s reply dated February 14. Given that Father Eric Roy was to travel to France on important business, he had made an appointment for March 8 with the Vicar General, Father Bernard Grenier, and another on March 11 with His Exc. Bishop James. He wanted to wait for the outcome of these meetings before publishing their correspondence.

In the meantime, François Pillot had received, on March 3, a ten-page [French version] reply from Father Wallut, a letter which proved that Father Wallut had read virtually nothing and therefore that he was not in a position to understand the situation, being content simply – like many of our adversaries, in fact – to rely on the falsified and totally fabricated dossiers drawn up against the Work and in particular against Marie-Paule. A surprising handwritten note concluded his ten-page letter.

This letter has been explicitly approved by Bishop Jean-Paul James, Bishop of Beauvais, asking that you not publish it. February 23, 2006.

Obviously, at their meeting of March 11, this note was discussed with the Bishop. During this meeting, His Exc. Bishop James reiterated how much he appreciated the pastoral work accomplished by the Sons of Mary, against whom he had no reproaches to make. In effect, he was simply endorsing Father Wallut’s “investigation”, and was conforming to the decision taken by the Canadian bishops.

Following these events and out of a concern for openness, the directors thought it necessary to bring all facts to light and to publish the letters from Father Eric and the Bishop.

Dom Matthieu Wallut’s letter to François Pillot as well as several letters of appreciation will be published tomorrow, March 16.

March 15, 2006

Sister Chantal Buyse

* * *

The Sons of Mary working in the Diocese of Beauvais,
Noyon and Senlis in France, with Father Eric Roy, Superior General.

  • Father Éric Roy Superior General

  • Father Stéphane Bouchet

  • Father Serge Chamberland

  • Father Xavier Larribe

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