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Pressure Put on the Sons of Mary

Several religious authorities are presently putting pressure on the Sons of Mary. In the preceding section, you could read the letter Archbishop Terrence Prendergast sent to Father Denis Laprise, as well as Father Denis’ reply and the letters sent to the Pontifical Commissioner by lay persons involved in that situation.

For his part, Father Eric Roy, Superior General of the Sons of Mary, received a letter, dated July 15, from Bishop Gordon D. Bennett, Bishop of the Diocese of Mandeville in Jamaica where he is incardinated. This was the first time this bishop communicated with Father Eric. In his letter, he revoked Father Eric’s “faculties to hear confessions” and called him back to the diocese.

Bishop Bennett’s letter follows, as well as Father Eric Roy’s reply.

  • His Exc. Archbishop Mario Peressin

  • His Exc. Archbishop Joseph Molinari

  • His Exc. Archbishop Terrence Prendergast, S.J.

On July 19, the Archbishop of L’Aquila, His Exc. Most Rev. Joseph Molinari, wrote to Father Serge Chamberland who is incardinated in this Italian diocese. The Archbishop informed him that his faculties had been withdrawn “in particular with regard to hearing confessions”, and he indicated the steps Father Chamberland would need to take to recover the faculties allowing him to exercise his priestly ministry.

We are reproducing the translation of Archbishop Molinari’s letter (original in Italian), along with the replies by the Sons of Mary.

  • Père Pierre Mastropietro

    Fr. Pierre Mastropietro

  • Père Éric Roy

    Fr. Eric Roy

  • Père Serge Chamberland

    Fr. Serge Chamberland

  • Père Stéphane Bouchet

    Fr. Stéphane Bouchet

Father Stéphane Bouchet, from France, also received a letter from the Bishop of the Diocese of Mandeville in Jamaica where he is incardinated. You will find, below, a copy of that letter, followed by the reply from Father Stéphane Bouchet who is working in France.